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Ron has construction plans for several of his Japanese designs for sale at www.japanesehomeandbath.com

About Ron

Some people have called Ron Konzak a "Renaissance Man". He certainly is actively interested in a lot of different things. Music, architecture, cooking, fine wood-crafting, musical intrument making, gardening, traveling, foreign languages, are a few of the things he devotes time and energy to. He also built the world's largest harp, which is played by the wind.

He's the author of three books, The Life Graph and The Book of Ramen: Lowcost Gourmet Meals Using Instant Ramen Noodles, and co-author with his wife Mickey Molnaire of a comprehensive guide to northwest Washington State -- Across the Sound: A Guide to Interesting Places West of Puget Sound

In spare moments, he's working on two more books -- one on building Japanese baths and one on building wind harps.

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Ramen Noodles

Ron wrote The Book of Ramen to please his taste buds and still keep to his budget. Take a look at the Book of Ramen page for sample recipes and cartoons from Ron's book and other interesting information about Ramen noodles.

The third printing of The Book of Ramen (now, after more than 10 years in print, considered a "classic" cookbook!!) will be available in the fall of 2007.

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Building Musical Instruments

    Ron has retired from building musical instruments. Some of his harps, bagpipes and dulcimer hybrids show up on Ebay from time to time.

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Playing Music

  • The Islanders Five

  • Ron contributed harp, Highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes, bass, vocals and arrangements to this wild and crazy Celtic fusion band

  • Foggynotions

  • The softer side of Celtic music, Ron and his wife Mickey Molnaire sing Scottish and Irish music, accompanied by harp, fiddle, Scottish small pipes and occasional Highland pipes and drums.

  • Pierymplezak

  • This soft rock trio was one of the most successful Seattle bands in the early '70s. Paul Pierce, Bob Dalrymple and Ron performed mostly their own original material, had a hit single, but never recorded an album - until now!! It's taken them 20 years but it's worth the wait!
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Links to Gaelic Language Sites
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Song Writing

These are Ron's most current or infamous.
  • The Gooey Duck Song
  • Eatin' Ramen Noodles
  • Muckle Flugga
  • Illegal Aliens Polka
  • Virginia Five Song

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Designing houses is the type of architecture Ron likes best. He really enjoys creating homes that fit their owners' lifestyles. Ron has designed many types of buildings, but his favorite styles remain Japanese, Victorian and Craftsman. Some of his plans will be available for purchase online later this summer.

Ron has designed two traditional Buddhist temples and several houses in the Japanese style, (which you can see at the new Japanese Design section of this site).

In 1999 he built a completely traditional Japanese house that he and his wife operated as a specialty bed and breakfast. Fuurin-Oka Futon & Breakfast continues under new owner Ann Borwick.

He has also developed some strong opinions about affordable housing, and has some interesting designs to go with them. These are covered in depth on his ProHousing site.

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Wind Harps

What do you get when you cross architecture with harp-making? A 23-foot tall harp that is played by the wind! Ron designed the Great Puget Sound Wind Harp in 1984 and constructed it with the help of friends. He got the idea when he was playing his Celtic harp at a wedding and the harp started to play by itself in the breeze. In 1987 he was commissioned by the St. Louis Science Center to build a smaller wind harp for the museum's outdoor science park, which has subsequently had an intersting journey to its new location in Blind Boone Park, Warrensburg, Missouri, just southeast of Kansas City..

In the Wind Harp section of this site. You can see a gallery of photos of the Great Puget Sound Wind Harp and the St. Louis Wind Harp, as well as some ideas for giant wind harps in the future.

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