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The Book Of Ramen

"This square of dry, compressed noodles unweaves into a real meal!"
–Himanee Gupta, Seattle Times

"Impress your friends with your culinary gift for thrift"
--Nancy Leson, Seattle Weekly

"...transforms noodles into 75 low-cost gourmet dishes."
--Bainbridge Review

"Children would love this, wouldn't they?"
--Vicki Gabereau, CBC National Radio

"You'll never again pass by those 5-for$1 displays in the supermarket."
--Jonathan Susskind, Food Writer, Seattle Post-Intelliger

"In these tight economic times there's no need to break the family budget on meals...one of the great things about this cookbook is that what you think is traditional, hey, there's a milion things you can do with Ramen noodles."
--Steve Raible, KIRO TV Seattle

The Book of Ramen
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The Book of Ramen
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